Scandinavian design


Finnish design is an exceptional combination of style, pure elegancy, practicability, fine quality and eternal Finnish love of nature. Its esthetics was wafted by the northern nature, that is why the beauty of Finnish desing is generally achieved with genius simplicity and clearness of shape. Finnish design concept comprehends warm, comfy, practical interior with color and shape accents that will never be out-of-date.



The world-famous couturier Jukka Rintala entirely contradicts an opinion that Finnish fashion is short-spoken and predictable. This man is one of the most recognized persons in Finland. He has wide interests as he designs unique clothes and also works on industrial designs, interior designs and elaborates jewelry. His luxurious attires are being worn by first ladies as well as world-famous music and movie stars. His works are sculptural: dramatic and simple. This is an emotion in volume spreading far beyond the borders of a form. As a young man he dreamd of the fashion designer carrier: “I’ve put grand goals pretty early but I knew that I would achieve them. I’ve been following this creed for all my life”.


Stefan Lindfors - this is the person who always goes against rules, - a charismatic showman, an extremely talented designer, a sculptor and an architect. Being born in Mariehamn (the main city of Aland Islands in Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden) - Stefan had no intention to become a designer. The first time he heard about this profession was his graduating year in school, right when he was to pick up a University to apply. At that moment his teacher of drawing advised him to apply The Helsinki University of Art and Design, the Faculty of Interior Design and Furniture Engineering. And soon the young man got into his new activity so deeply that he spent days and nights in lecture halls and workshops. He was always busy drawing and creating stuff.


Emma Hangman has studied textile design in Paris, where she specialized in print design. She has many years of international experience in the fields of textile, garment and graphic design. All things old with patina, things with a retro feel, nature and photographing it as well as the imagination of children are sources of inspiration to Emma. City lights and the urban pulse fascinate Emma as much as digging in the soil in her own garden. Emma’s designs are one-layered and simplified, but yet full of stories and tales. They are suitable both for bold and quite interiors.


The Czech artist Jacqueline Groag created fabrics for such grand fashion houses as Chanel, Lanvin, Worth, Schiaparelli and Paul Poiret. In 1950’s fantastic abstract textile prints created by Jacqueline became famous. She often made the textiles with thematic prints, i.e. ”Family Outing” (1954) – the bird ornament, where the birds’ silhouettes cross the crooked lines and are filled with colored ovals.

Ecological materials

The strongest requirement for materials used in Sandudd wallpaper production is to be eco-friendly. This nonwoven wallpaper is made as a roll material for wall decoration and made of long cellulose fibers with special additives. Nonwoven wallpapers are both air- and water- vapor-permeable which allows them “to breathe”.