The next burst of Finnish design popularity happened in 1960s-1970s when stable economic relations were developed between Finland and Soviet Union. Separate design-studios or design groups were formed for different productions.

  • 2017
    Participation in an exhibition MosBuild at Moscow.
  • 2016
    The launching of refresh Finnwall and Sandudd websites
  • 2014
    Participation in an international exhibition Heimtextill at Frankfurt.
  • 2010
    New wallpaper Moomin collection by Tuve Jansson famous finish writer, artist and illustrator
  • 2000
    Collaboration with Stefan Lindfors and Jukka Rintala declared persons of finnish design.
  • 1920
    First art deco wallpapaers appeared.
  • 1885
    George Ricks' wallpapaer factory opening in Saint-Petersburg
  • 1870
    The first range of romantic nationalism-themed wallpapers were designed.
  • 1858
    George Ricks founded the wallpaper factory in 1858 at Helsinki.
  • 1830
    From the 1830s, wallpaper with a totally new kind of look – the so-called French wallpaper – began to be marketed in Finland,

After a while any interior can look boring, but its enough just change the wallpapers and you will feel yourself in totally new room. It takes much shorter time and efforts to prepare walls for wallpapers than any other wall covering. If chosen right one will get entirely new, unique and stylish interior without great actions.  Style can be different, classic or minimalistic or their combination.


George Rieks founded the wallpaper factory in 1858. By the end of the 19th century, Finland was home to the Jurieff and Tilgmann factories in Helsinki, the Tampere Wallpaper factory in Tampere, the Nyholm factory in Vyborg, and the Aland Wallpaper Factory in Mariehamn., and several new factories sprang up in Toijala during the early years of the 20-th century. Of these, the former Tapetti Oy (now owned by Sandudd) and Pihlgren & Ritola still operate.


Sandudd Oy is the leading wallpaper manufacturer in Finland. Since 1885 it has been producing high-quality paper and nonwoven wallpapers which suite the highest ecological standards. Our wallpapers have M1 Certificate which represents a warranty that these wallpapers don’t produce any emissions, smell and are absolutely hypoallergenic.